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Azibo’s Lagoon Protected Landscape


Azibo’s Lagoon Protected Landscape (ALPL) is located 2km far from Macedo de Cavaleiros town and 30km from Bragança. The best access to Macedo de Cavaleiros is through IP4 and IP2 highways, or by airplane through Bragança's airport.

Azibo´s Lagoon Protected Landscape was created by the Decree nº 13/99 of August 3rd and constitutes a protected area of regional scope, which has as its objectives the conservation of nature and the importance of its natural heritage, based on a sustainable development and promotion of relax and leisure in open spaces by preserving the natural values.

 The ALPL occupies an area of 4.897 hectares and is located almost integrally in the circumscription of Macedo de Cavaleiros, including the civil parishes of Vale da Porca, Santa Combinha, Podence, Salselas, Vale de Prados and Quintela de Lampaças in the Bragança council (see map).

Click on the picture to see a 360º panoramic photo of Azibo’s Lagoon.

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